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Your Aerial Workspace

      The Aerial Boom Mate (ABM) is designed to make aerial work efficient, organized, and safe. The ergonomic design leads to less back strain from repeated bending motions. The ABM is lightweight; easily secured; weatherproof; and drillable for immediate onsite modification.

      A large upper tray 18”x32” (17”x31” actual inner) is the immediate work space while the lower deep tray (13.75”x23.75”x9”) can be used for tools, supplies or storage.


      • OSHA compliant; total weight rests on bucket/scaffold floor
      • Ergonomically designed to reduce back strain from repetitive bending for equipment, tools, supplies, papers, and hardware
      • The aerial workspace and lower compartments organize work items and reduce trip hazards
      • The increased work surface and storage areas results in fewer trips to ground level
      • Approximate counter height working surface to reduce back stress
      • Easily customized for any boom lift, scis-sor lift, and scaffolding
      • Large open aerial workspace extends out-side the cage for tools, supplies, papers, blueprints, etc.
      • Lightweight foam PVC construction for strength and durability
      • Easily secured
      • Custom sizes available; project specific and lift/scaffold specific design available

      Find out how the ABM can be customized for your facility and projects.

      Designed, fabricated, and assembled by:

      Kuebler & Co. 419-382-8899

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