Due to the primary use of the ABM at heights and with motorized equipment, we do not offer any expressed warranty for damage to the unit.

The Aerial Boom Mate (ABM) is constructed of lightweight weatherproof foam PVC. The quality and craftsmanship are exceptional. The construction is solid.

We don’t believe in fine print that looks like pages of morse code. As with anything, there are a few minor limitations of the ABM which are listed below replica hublot big bang meca 10 black magic mens watch 414 ci 1123 rx.

  • The aerial workspace is designed as a workspace–it’s not a chair or a place to stand. That is just dangerous and contrary to the safety of you, your company and everyone around you.
  • The upper workspace tray is designed with a weight limit of 50 lbs. Please use within the weight limits of your equipment and observe all safety guidelines.
  • Each compartment is designed a weight limit of 50 lbs. Please use within the weight limits of your equipment and observe all safety guidelines.
  • The combined capacity of the ABM reduces the number of times the lift needs to be lowered to ground level for supplies.
  • While the weight rests on the floor of the lift or scaffold, it can be easily secured to floor with washers and bolts or the guardrail with heavy duty zip ties or U-bolts or something similar. If heavy duty means something else to you, here is a link to something similar… heavy duty zip ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aerial Boom Mate and the safety features?

  1. What is the ABM and what does it do? Good question, we’re not sure how you made it this far. We suggest reading the description on our Home page
  2. How does it make working on an aerial lift safer and more efficient? It prevents repetitive bending and keeps the platform clear to prevent slips, trips, entanglement, and falls–that helps with safety. The large storage capacity and work table means fewer trips at longer intervals to ground level for supplies or equipment–this helps with efficiency.
  3. How does the ABM prevent workers from repeatedly bending over? The primary work surface sits at or above the average waist height, reducing the need to continually bend while working.
  4. Is the ABM designed to meet any safety or industry standards? It is OSHA compliant for use with scaffolding, scissor lifts, and aerial lifts. It is designed so the total contained weight rests on the floor of the lift or scaffold.
  5. What types of hazards can this safety device protect against? It’s designed to protect against tripping inside the cage. The product itself is non-conductive.

Lift compatibility and Installation

  1. Is the ABM compatible with different types of aerial lifts, or does it only work with specific models? Due to space constraints, we don’t recommend using the ABM with single bucket lifts. However, the final decision rests with you. Lifts from different manufacturers have different configurations. Our small size ABM was designed to fit the majority of boom lifts. Keep in mind, the ABM is designed so it can be customized to your specific lifts. Custom configurations are available to fit project specific needs. Please contact us before you purchase so we can discuss your specific needs.
  2. How easy is the ABM to install on an aerial lift, and is it something that an individual can do on their own, or do they need professional help? The ABM will arrive in two pieces, the lower compartment and the upper tray. Some assembly is required to attach the upper tray to the lower compartment. A wrench or socket will be needed to install the bolts to secure the upper tray. If your lift or scaffold has a steel grate floor, we recommend using bolts to secure the ABM to the floor. Other installation requires a hand drill to install 4 or more zip ties depending on your equipment.


  1. How does the ABM store tools, parts, and supplies, and how much weight can it hold? The ABM features a large upper tray and lower compartments with 2-inch-tall rails to hold/store tools and supplies. The ABM can hold approximately 200 total pounds between the upper tray and lower compartments. Please ensure you don’t exceed the load limit for your specific lift.
  2. Can the work table be adjusted to different heights, or is it fixed in one position? The work table is at a fixed height on our standard model. However, the ABM can be customized to meet your needs.
  3. Is the ABM weather-resistant, and can it withstand extreme conditions, such as high winds or heavy rain? It certainly is!
  4. What is the material used to make the ABM, and is it durable enough to withstand regular use? It is made using an expandable foam PVC (Sintra or Komatex) that is both lightweight and extremely durable. You can expect the ABM to last!


  1. Can the ABM be customized to fit specific needs or work environments? Definitely! In fact, that was one of the design considerations. We are ready to discuss your project specific needs and create your customized Aerial Boom Mate. Call us at (419) 382-8899
  2. How do I get an estimate for a project? Easy…call us or use the contact link below.
  3. What is the turnaround time for a customized ABM? Approximately 10 business days.

Ordering and Shipping

  1. I’m having difficulty ordering? Call us at (419) 382-8899
  2. I prefer not to order online. Call us.
  3. Can I add a PO number to my order? Sure, it should be on the checkout page–or call us.
  4. How do you ship? We use the cheaper of FedEx or UPS. Currently it seems to be UPS.
  5. Can I use my company shipping account? You don’t need our permission, but we suggest you have your company’s. Call us and we’ll set it up to bill your FedEx or UPS account.
  6. Can you invoice us? No, we can’t. You pay then we ship. If there is some exceptional reason that’s not possible, call us you might catch us having a great day.

Need Help?

Email us at Contact or call us at (419) 382-8899

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