Invented, designed, and manufactured by Kuebler & Company LLC, a market leader in plastic fabrication for over 40 years. The Aerial Boom Mate was created as a safe and efficient tool for painting the exterior of a house. Three one-gallon paint cans were stored in the lower compartment along with rollers, brushes, tape, and drop cloths. The large approximately counterheight workspace held a roller tray and roller with extra space for brushes and a small paint tray for touchup. There was no constant bending and twisting to dip the roller or brushes into the paint. No repeated bending was required because nothing was on the lift floor. This eliminated trip hazards and accidentally stepping in paint trays on the floor. The newly created Aerial Boom Mate meant no repeated trips up and down to the ground to refill paint cans, clean brushes, change paint colors. The work was clean, organized, efficient, and less tiring with fewer backaches.

That’s when we realized that there’s an efficiency and safety need for the ABM everywhere scissor lifts, boom lifts, and scaffolds are used. It should be used in factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, stadiums, arenas, hospitals, residences, museums, refineries…the list goes on.

Designed, fabricated, and assembled by:

Kuebler & Co.
828 Warehouse Road, #12
Toledo, Ohio 43615

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